Identifying and Treating the Black Widow Spider Bite!

Black Widow Spider Bite

black widow spider bite

Black widow spiders are pretty common in America, Mexico, and southern Canada. If you live in one of these countries and feel like you could have had a black widow spider bite. It’s important that you diagnose the injury as early as possible and seek treatment.

Let’s learn more about these eerie looking types of spiders including how dangerous they are and how a bite from one can be treated.

How harmful are black widow spiders?

Black widow spiders have a fairly bad reputation, but in all honesty, all spiders (including these) rarely bite humans, at least deliberately.

Black widows, however, should be feared, simply due to the venom. They release in the unlikely circumstance that they DO bite.

They are not huge spiders but they are decently sized. Their body is usually around half an inch in size. They are nocturnal creatures and therefore only active during the night time.

Do they attack humans?

They avoid human dwellings, which is why they will usually be found in garages and secluded buildings.

Only the female black widow spider bites humans and ONLY when she is disturbed or feels like her eggs are in danger.

There are two kinds of black widow spiders (south usually found in South America and north usually found in North America.) And Both differ slightly in appearance, and you can recognize them by the following features.

Southern black widow spider:

These spiders have a black, shiny body with a very recognizable red hourglass shape on the underside of their body.

Northern black widow spider:

These spiders have a black, shiny body with a row of red spots going along their back and two crosswise bars on the underneath of their body.

How to duck a black widow spider bite:

The fact that these spiders only bite if they are disturbed means you should be very careful when going to dark places. If you have seen black widow spiders in your local area before, then you should take even more care.

Perhaps you suspect that your garage has an infestation of black widow spiders. For that reason, you might want to hire the services of a pest control company. Avoiding getting bitten is going to save you more hassle in the long term and your peace of mind.

How dangerous is their bite?

If a black widow spider bites you, their protein venom will attack your nervous system. It is very potent venom. But everyone reacts differently to it, some will have a small reaction, while some people bodies might react more severely.

Children and the elderly are more likely to have quite a bad reaction to a bite from a black widow, and they should get themselves to the hospital right away if bitten.

You can find a list of the symptoms of a black widow spider bite below and keep in mind that they usually take 20 minutes after the bite to appear.

Symptoms of Black Spider Bite:

– Sharp to moderate pain in the area of the bite. (Common sign)

– Tiny red spots on the skin; these are fang marks from the insect. (Common sign)

– Spasms or muscle cramps that start right by the bite and spread. And these might last for hours and can be incredibly painful.

– Vomiting, nausea, chills or a fever.

– Headaches.

– Restlessness and shock.

– Severe stomach, chest or back pain.

– Very high blood pressure.

What to do?

if you think a black widow spider has bitten you, there are some things that you should/shouldn’t do to get the best outcome possible. This includes the follow.

– Remain as calm as you possibly can, getting yourself in a state is only going to worsen the situation. Too much movement will also cause the venom to go into the bloodstream quicker which is definitely what you want to avoid.

– Apply ice to the area where the bitten area.

– Seek medical assistance ASAP. You can get in touch with your doctor, a local hospital or a poison control center who will advise you what to do next.

– Do NOT apply a tourniquet.

– If it’s safe to do so, try and catch the black widow spider. This will help medical professionals identify what type it is which will help in treating you.

The treatment process:

When you visit the hospital, a doctor will first try and confirm 100% that it was a black widow spider that bit you. Expect to answer questions about the appearance of the spider. (if you have seen it) Additionally, the symptoms that you have been experiencing.

If you are not severely affected by the spider bite, you might not even receive treatment. But if you are reacting quite badly, you will be administered an antivenom medicine to counteract the symptoms. This medicine is completely safe to take and will work almost instantly. You will usually treat this way if you are having muscle spasms, trouble breathing, a high blood pressure or are currently pregnant.

You can also be given other medication if the doctor thinks it is right to do so including pain medication (such as Ativan or Valium) and medication for hypertension.

If the bite from the black widow spider is not serious enough to warrant medical attention, you can take care of it yourself at home. Cold or warm compresses should use the bite (depending what feels better for you.) And also warm bath is necessary.

Apart from that, taking some over the counter medication is the best that you can do to ease the pain from the bite. Any effects from minor bites from these creatures should ease within just a couple of hours.


Everyone assumes black widow spiders are very aggressive, the name itself makes it seem that way, but it isn’t the case. It only attacks when it feels threatened, and the truth is, it’s probably more scared of you!

it says that a black widow spider bite does require immediate medical care of course so look out for the signs if you think one has bitten you.

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